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  • Spherical Roller Bearing

    Spherical roller bearings have two row rollers and sphered raceway on outer raceway. They can accommodate heavy radial loads and heavy axial loads. They are mainly used for the applications where varying heavy loads or misalignment are present. They are commonly used in paper mills, rolling mills, mining and construction machines, railway vehicles, presses, and vibrating screens.

    • CylindricalTaperedDimensions (mm)Weight
      BoreBored (inner diameter)D (outer diameter)B (breadth)(Kg)
      2130521305 K2562170.28
      2130621306 K3072190.41
      2130721307 K3580210.54
      2130821308 K4090230.74
      2130921309 K451002501.02
      2131021310 K50110271.30
      2131121311 K55120291.65
      2131221312 K601303102.08
      2131321313 K65140332.57
      2131421314 K70150353.11
      2131521315 K75160373.76
      2131621316 K80170394.47
      2131721317 K85180415.23
      2131821318 K90190436.17
      2131921319 K95200457.15
      2132021320 K100215478.81
      2132221322 K1102405011.8
  • Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Spherical Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Roller Bearing